sexta-feira, setembro 19, 2008

The Beauty of Being Free

Can we get high and not fall?
Stop what you're doing,
Before it gets all out of hand.
Let’s just have a nice cup of tea...
Before the end.

Even the shinning Moon,
Even the bright Sunset,
Can’t pay the price
Of our wonderful laugh.

The beauty of poetry is well worth.
A certain beauty about being free…
Maybe that’s why you can’t hold me.
Maybe there’s nothing to be.

…So…Let’s just have a nice cup of tea...

Almost a Song...Carolina de Carvalh0 - 2006

3 comentários:

Biba disse...

Nossa boniíssima, amei isso aqui! Já salvei nos meus favoritos prá poder vir sempre. Amocê, viu? Beijossssssss da Biba.

Carol Angeli disse...

Que lindo isso, Ca! =)

carol disse...

Obrigada minhas lindas!! Amo ocês também!! beijinhos